Is there something wrong with the Boeing 787?

The Boeing 787 has hit the headlines lately, for all the wrong reasons:

  • 4th December – An electrical fault causes United to make an emergency landing.
  • 13th December. Qatar grounds a 787 with a manfacturing problem.
  • 7th January – Smoke reported, coming from a battery on a JAL 787.
  • 8th January – JAL 787 suffers a fuel leak.
  • 9th January – ANA cancels a flight due to a break problem.
  • 11th January – ANA reports a crack in a 787 window.
  • 16th January – JAL 787 flight makes an Emergency landing due to smoke in the cockpit.
  • 16th January – JAL grounds it’s fleet of Boeing 787’s

They are currently in service with 8 airlines, yet it seems that within the last week, the 787 or JAL have certainly come across a snag.

This is surprising, since by August 2011, 787 test flights had put it through its paces in 1,707 flights with a total duration of 4,828 hours – so it’s surprising there would be any problem they had not picked up.

Thomson, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic have ordered the aircraft – experienced airlines with a huge interest in safety, so it’s likely that they are also satisfied with the feedback from flight tests, and from partner airlines already operating the type.

Perhaps it will arise that there is a problem, which will be resolved – either in a system or in how the aircraft are being operated in real life. Time will tell, but I am sure the 787 is a safe aircraft, and look forward to boarding or perhaps piloting one in the future.

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