Great 777 engine sounds

This post is about engine sounds – at first glance that’s quite geeky, but I’d imagine most people recognise that rush of excitement that flows through your body when, after taxiing around an airport, finally your planes jet turbine engines whine and spools up, and a thrust of acceleration presses you into your seat.

Aside from the general sensations, and excitement of getting airborne, that engine noise is hugely thrilling. I have had the pleasure of flying in various commercial aircraft, but personally I find the most exciting place to be sat for a take-off is in the cabin of a Boeing 777. Once or twice I’ve sat in a BA 777, sat forward of the engines, and found it’s quite the best take-off sound.

The 777 is also a very graceful bird, so this video contains both a great sound and a great shot of a beautiful plane.

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