Vulcan Final Flight – Farewell to XH558

If you’re a fan of the Vulcan, you can’t have missed to hear that 2015 would be the last year she would fly. We are now at at the point where her next flight will probably be her last – but when this next flight will be and if it will even go ahead is unsure.

When will the Vulcan XH558 have her last flight?

XH558 must have her last flight before 30th October 2015, after which some components will have exceeded their airworthiness schedule. Aside from that, any more is uncertain – since the team organising the final flight have to ensure the demand to see XH558 fly is balanced with the safety and consideration of the audiences viewing and residents near the airport.

How can I find out about the last flight?

Follow @love_planes and @xh558 on twitter, or check back here.

Why is the Vulcan going to stop flying?

XH558 was retired and flew her last flight on 1993, but on 18th October 2007 after a lot of money and effort, XH558 flew for the first time after restoration. (Video)

9 years on, while she theoretically could continue to be maintained, there are technicalities in maintaining her airworthiness which can not be overcome. You can read more about this on the XH558 website, or watch Guy Martin’s simpler explanation below!

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